Show And Tell 2016

Our first ever Show & Tell was a series of 5-minute guided tutorials by working professionals in LA's tech spectrum. It was held at the awesome Indie Desk in DTLA.

Presenters focused on the following topics: 

- 3-D Modeling of Buildings and the Built Environment using Tekla by Daniella Castro, P.E., Co-Founder, DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC


- Rapid Prototyping and Design Thinking Applied to Consumer Packaged Goods by Lawrence Cisneros, CEO, In Spirit

- Component-Driven Website Theming by Mario Hernandez, Senior Front-End Developer at Mediacurrent and Co-Founder of Government By Design

- Introduction to Python and Python for Data Analysis by Luis Dominguez, Avionics Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)


- Infographics and Data Visualization using Piktochart and Canva by Nancy Casanova, Information Architect and Social Strategy, Southern California Edison

- Networking and Relationship Building by Shmel Graham, Project Lead, Mayor's Operations Innovation Team

- Using NationBuilder to Drive Twitter Engagement by Andres Ramos, Digital Strategist and Assistant Account Manager, Consensus Inc.


- Building Twitter Audiences Through Micro Targeting by J Guadalupe Chavez, NationBuilder Expert and Digital Strategist at Rainforest Action Network

- Finding, Filtering, and Extracting Census Data by Hector Gutierrez, Nutrition Policy Advocate, California Food Policy Advocates

- Building Excel Macros and Applying Them to Business Processes by Griselda Vargas, Health Care Analytics, Anthem

- Collaborating on Open Street Maps by Omar Ureta, Design Consultant at theworksLA and Project Manager and Urban Designer at Roschen Van Cleve Architects


All the awesome presenters focused on specific and actionable tasks, tactics, and tips that aimed to spark curiosity while learning. 

We also enjoyed some drinks and munchies, and pretty fruitful networking. Next #ShowAndTellDTLA will be sometime in Spring '17.

Our Emoji Wall also got a good amount of attention! 


Presenters, feel free to drop in links to the tools and subject matter you shared with us. Guests, please consider dropping a note about your experience. 

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