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"I feel like creating a website, Twitter and Slack group is nice...but I really feel that people who are part of the community of Techtinx are so helpful because there are so many talented, resourceful people who are part of it! I love the knowledge sharing too :)"

- Nancy, Lead Community Manager & Content Strategist


"For me, I have felt alone in the tech world in all my jobs I feel like the token latina. This group helps me feel like a part of something bigger coming from our community."

- Patricia, User Experience Designer


"When someone in the TechTinx community posts something I take note every time.  So much great energy and resources being shared from ambitious and positive people.  It's one of the only platforms creating a cohesive Latino community we're always arguing should exist -- the TechTinx community is making that a reality."

- Lawrence, Startup Founder & Lawyer


"All we hear about is the diversity problem in tech fields, and while yes, it is true that we need more and more talented people of diverse backgrounds to enter tech industries, we also need to make a better effort to engage and empower those who are already working in these fields. The TechTinx community provides a space for Latino innovators, tech entrepreneurs, data experts, graphic designers, social media gurus, and others to connect, share professional development resources, exchange ideas and create new synergies, and build an inclusive and diverse community that spans tech industries. In a region as large as Los Angeles, this is especially helpful."

- Juana, Higher Education Manager


"Every time I get an email from the TechTinx community, I think 'Oooo ... another opportunity.'" 

- Jonathan, Developer


"Joining Techtinx has introduced me to Latinx professionals from all industries, from marketing to engineering and from journalism to government. It's amazing to have a network of Latinx killing it in their industries, and helping other Latinx at the same time." 

- Rudy, Content Strategist

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