LA Media + Tech Panel

Data's impact on content strategy, how nuances in Spanish dialects impact storytelling and cholos eating hipster food. Our panel on media+tech sparked some incredible conversation! 

This was TechTinx' 2nd community-lead event and we were fortunate to have three dynamic panelists sharing complementary perspective with facilitating support of our VR-ninja moderator.  


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DTLA Show And Tell V2 Recap

We had more than 70 people join the DTLA Show And Tell to jump across the tech spectrum, learning about topics like animated infographics, working with Github, Amazon Web Services Deployment, and more. 

Huge thanks to our incredible presenters, who gave 5-7 guided tutorials on concepts and tips associated with their day-to-day work.

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DTLA Show And Tell V1 Recap

Our first ever Show & Tell was a series of 5-minute guided tutorials by working professionals in LA's tech spectrum. It was held at the awesome Indie Desk in DTLA.

Presenters focused on the following topics: 

- 3-D Modeling of Buildings and the Built Environment using Tekla by Daniella Castro, P.E., Co-Founder, DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC


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